Friday, October 30, 2015

Acmecast #249 - Creepy Eerie!

Jermaine and Stephen greet you this Halloween not with tales of terror and woe, but those of conventions from the past and the not-so-distant future, as Valerie joins them to recount the events of TF Con and the Asheville Comic Expo and NC Comicon Director of Media Brockton McKinney drops by to get you ready for this year's show, taking place November 13th through the 15th, including some EXCLUSIVE NEWS for fans of the Walking Dead and Umbrella Academy!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Acmecast #248 - You're Looking at Country!

Acme's resident rednecks Stephen and Riley tear through reviews of Jughead #1, What If? Infinity Inhumans #1, What If? Infinity Thanos #1, Paper Girls #1, Lando #5, Plutona #2, Detective Comics #45, Saints #1, Amazing Spider-man #1, All-New All-Different Marvel Point One #1, Doctor Strange #1, Invincible Iron Man #1, Contest of Champions #1, Siege #4, Secret Wars #6, Batman & Robin Eternal #1 and Axcend #1!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Acmecast #247 - The View from Under the Bus!

Jermaine recounts his trip to the Diamond Retailer Summit and Baltimore Comic Con, including being sold out by Mark Waid for "stealing" the dessert of Archie Comics president Mike Pellerito, and then he's joined by Stephen in attempt to prepare you for the monster week of new releases to come!