Friday, November 8, 2013

Acmecast #173 - The Doubleclicks LIVE!

This episode will be available on 11.8.13 at 9 AM!

Recorded during Comic Book City Con 2013 on Saturday, October 26th at the Elm St. Center in Greensboro, NC!

The Doubleclicks, a nerd-folk sister duo, write songs that are snarky, geeky and sweet and perform them on cello and ukulele. In this all-ages-friendly concert-panel, the band will sing about topics including love, Dungeons and Dragons, Mr. Darcy and Velociraptors and talk about being geek girl musicians.

Set List:

  1. Will They or Won't They?
  2. Worst Superpower Ever
  3. The Mystery's Gone
  4. Oh, Mr. Darcy
  5. Apostrophe
  6. Spock Impersonator
  7. Lasers and Feelings
  8. The Guy Who Yelled Freebird
  9. A Lullaby for Mr. Bear
  10. Nothing to Prove
  11. Clever Girl
  12. Cats and Netflix
  13. No Easy Way
  14. This Fantasy World

Show Notes:

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