Friday, June 21, 2013

Acmecast #158 - The "S" Stands For...

Stephen & Jody are joined by special correspondants Joe & Cody to take a hammer to the Man of Steel, breaking the years-long stigma that here at Acmecast, everything is great all the time!

Show Notes:

  • "Man of Steel, since you asked." by Mark Waid at
  • Acme's Top 5 Superman Stories - 1. All Star Superman  2. Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow  3. Superman For All Seasons  4. Superman Birthright  5. Superman & the Legion of Super Heroes
  • Comics at the Table! - Heck OGN, Crater XV OGN, A Matter of Life OGN, Burning Building Comix OGN, Wild Blue Yonder #1, Brother Lono #1, Dark Horse Presents #23, A+X #9, SpongeBob Comics Super Swimtacular Annual #1, Avengers #14, New Avengers #7 and Age of Ultron #10!

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