Friday, September 7, 2012

Acmecast #94 - Thanos Quest Pt. 2

Jermaine, Griffin, Michael and Jody get together to discuss the first week of DC New 52 #0 issues, the Mad Titan, and what they feel truly makes a comic GOOD! You also get part two of the ongoing Thanos Quest feature, with Jermaine and Cemetery Blues co-creator Ryan Rubio filling you in on the search for the Infinity Gems and the first great Marvel event of the '90s, Infinity Gauntlet!

Show Notes:

  • Ryan Rubio on Facebook!
  • Get caught up with Thanos Quest Pt. 1 and listen to Acmecast #82!
  • Come see Stephen moderate the Artist Alley Comics panel this Saturday at 3:00 PM during Baltimore Comic Con!
  • Check out Far Arden in our Diamond Digital Store! - even though Stephen wasn't on the show this week to share with everyone, it's his favorite thing that he's read in the last seven days, and he thinks you'll all enjoy it too, especially since it's only $4.99 for over 400 pages of story!
  • Comics at the Table! - Swamp Thing #0, Stormwatch #0, Phantom Stranger #0, Hawkeye #2, the Lookouts #1, New Crusaders #1 and the Thanos Quest reprint!

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