Sunday, April 8, 2012

Batman Death by Design non-Review

As I mentioned on Twitter on Friday, I had every intention of reviewing the advance copy of Batman: Death by Design that I got in the mail from DC last week.

However, after finishing it up and flipping to the back, I noticed that there was a disclaimer on the back:

This is an uncorrected and abbreviated galley for sales and publicity purposes only. The art does not reflect the final production values and is not for reproduction. The galley should not be quoted or reviewed without comparison to the final book.

So I will refrain from going into details, but hopefully no one will sue me for saying it was good.

Batman: Death by Design is written by Eisner Award-winning designer Chip Kidd, the man behind Mythology: the DC Comics Art of Alex Ross, Batman Animated, Shazam!: the Golden Age of the World's Mightiest Mortal and Bat-Manga: the Secret History of Batman in Japan. He's also the author of The Cheese Monkeys, which I've read, and The Learners, which I haven't. Artist Dave Taylor's work includes Superman/ Batman: World's Finest, Batman: Shadow of the Bat and Force Works.

Death by Design is a 112 page hardcover and will be release on Wednesday, May 30th.

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