Friday, March 9, 2012

Acmecast #68 - #BKV

Jermaine, Stephen and Frank are joined by Cody to share their excitement over John Carter of Mars and the return of Brian K. Vaughan to the world of comics!

Then they dive into a whole pile of Comics at the Table, including three creator-driven #1's, two graphic novels, and many MORE!

Show Notes:

  • Get the first five John Carter of Mars novels for .99 cents here!
  • Brian K. Vaughan's first credited work was on Cable #43 from May 1997.
  • Comics at the Table - Manhattan Projects #1, Hell Yeah #1, Fairest #1, Avengers Children's Crusade #9, Action Comics #7, OMAC #7, Defenders #4, Ultimate Comics Spider-man #8, and King City TP.

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