Saturday, December 10, 2011

AWP Mail Bag!!!

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For now, I just wanted to share some of the great correspondence we've already received at the ol' Wave Projector. Here we go!

On Episode #55 - Shwifty-Five, Paul writes:

Will readers allow the next Avengers writer to be as good as Bendis, or will they automatically consider the next writer to be lesser? Maybe the glow of the Bendis run will have to wear off before fans will accept someone else as the proper Avengers writer.

"Day and date" is a weird-sounding phrase to me. "Day" and "date" are kind of the same thing in this context, aren't they? I saw an article online that used "day and date" and "same day" in the same headline.

LR has the right attitude about digital distribution. Publishers have to find new readers, the digital market is ripe for exploitation, and real world retailers will find a way to bring some of those folks into the stores. With all the pirating and deep discounters online, people who are shopping at real stores are doing so because they value real stores. Cheap, legal digital comics aren't going to steal them away.

Another difference between comic stores and the music industry is that comics retailing was never taken over by big box chain stores. Even when I was a kid, just getting into music, records and tapes were at Wal-Mart, and the national chain store in the mall. The local record store was already "lesser", just like mom & pop grocery stores, etc. In my hometown, the local record stores were gone long before Napster showed up. So when mp3 pirating came along, you were stealing from big evil corporations and the big generic chain stores, not real people--real fellow fans--that you knew. Ditto for books. Comics stores have always been "us" selling comics to "us" and that makes a huge difference.

On Action Comics #4, I appreciated the Steel story in the "back 8" more than the "dvd extras" stuff from previous issues. I'll always prefer more story to behind-the-scenes stuff.

OMAC and Frakenstein are both connected to some of the gajillion top-secret organizations in the DCU, so maybe there will be an organic connection there. SHADE has some crazy super-science, what if some of it is connected to the New Gods like stuff we're seeing in OMAC?

Thought Bubble Anthology is sweet.

Penultimate is a perfectly cromulent word.

Love us or hate us, let your opinions fly!

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